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Things To Be Fascinated About Lottery

Somewhere in the middle of the conversation my tone switched from “Yeah, what a loser to be concerned about that kind of thing” to “Yeah, poor guy, apparently he drew the short straw in the Things To Be Fascinated About Lottery.”

Since then I have returned to the idea of this Things To Be Fascinated About Lottery a lot. There are some good draws you can get:

  • People who are fascinated with business — and intrinsically motivated to pursue it — only need high IQ and a few other subsidiary skills to get super rich.

  • People who draw math can pursue perfect pure and philosophical truth, or excel at pretty much any science they choose and advance human knowledge.

  • People who draw science without math have a harder time — but there are still places for them.

Then there are other people who get other straws. I’d hate to turn this into a “rank which straws are best” contest, but some certainly earn you more money, some certainly help you contribute to the future of humankind more, and some certainly land you in healthy areas of study with nice people and mostly rational thought…

Scott Alexander