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Happily Ever After

A great take on Game of Thrones

This isn’t a story that ends with Happily Ever After. That is where we started.

This whole series is the sequel to a book never written. A classic fantasy, about heroes who fought against an unambiguous evil, about people who took their lives and their honor into their own hands and stormed the gates of the mad king. The brave hero became king and married a beautiful woman, his friend and comrade returned home to raise his family in happiness in the keep of his forefathers, and they all lived Happily Ever After.

But the brave hero doesn’t know how to rule, and the beautiful woman he married isn’t just a trophy for being a legendary hero…

Last time Happily Ever After happened, it fell apart. Because in reality, there is no end of the story. There’s just a point where the author stops writing. And if he writes long enough, everyone ends up dead. Happily Ever After is something that has never happened in real life. This isn’t a story, it’s a snapshot.